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Ben Koehler

Available Turfgrass Varieties for California's Landscapes, Golf Courses, & Sports Fields

Presented by Ben Koehler and John Marman, West Coast Turf


Ben Koehler has worked in the environmental science industry for the past 8 years. Currently he works for West Coast Turf as a sales representative and oversees turf installation on various landscape construction projects. Ben deals with turf selection, delivery and installation for construction of golf courses, professional sports fields, parks, schools and residential projects. Ben's educational background includes studies in environmental sciences, civil engineering and he has a degree in business from the University of Colorado

Course Title: Available Turfgrass Varieties for California's Landscapes, Golf Courses, & Sports Fields

Course Description: California is a melting pot for turfgrass with over 50 varieties growing throughout the state. All three turfgrass zones (Cool Season, Transition and Warm Season) are present throughout the state making California a unique and challenging environment for turfgrass selection. We will look how the turfgrass zones have changed in recent time with introductions of new varieties and climate changes. Additionally, through a variety of case studies and photos we will further discuss the diversity and attributes of the most popular varieties of turfgrass available on the market today. This presentation will give you a good base knowledge of the vast array of available turfgrass varieties in California and a list of resources to utilize when selecting a variety for a project.

John Marman


John Marman grew up in Palm Desert California. After attending UC Riverside and receiving his B.S. in Environmental Sciences in 1995, John went to work for West Coast Turf in Las Vegas Nevada. Years later, John made his way back to his home state where he took on a Regional Sales Manager position with West Coast Turf. John has been involved in many trade organizations associated with the green industry including Golf, Sports Turf, Landscape and Design. John also served as the President of the Nevada Landscape Association as well as Secretary-Treasurer for the State Board of the NLA. John lives in Capistrano Beach with his wife Donna.

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