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14 Educational Seminars to Deal
with Water Issues at the
2010 Landscape Expo - Long Beach

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Water, its use and misuse, is one of most controversial issues landscapers must deal with today, especially for those working in the southwestern U.S. where water resources are limited. With new laws and regulations dealing with water changing all the time, it is imperative for landscape professionals to stay current on these issues or face the possibilities of fines, lawsuits or other legal problems.

For this reason, Leslie McGuire, the Educational Programs Director for the 2010 Landscape Expo, has dedicated 14 out of 47 seminars being offered to deal specifically with water use within the landscape arena. The Landscape Expo will take place October 6-7, 2010 at the Long Beach Convention Center from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily. Seminars begin at 9:30 a.m.

Two seminars being offered deal with Graywater Systems and Rainwater Harvesting, two very hot issues facing professional landscapers. These courses will be taught by Daniel Wilson, MESM, president of Weldesign, Inc., a landscape design firm based in Santa Barbara, CA.

Wilson has a degree in Aquatic Biology and a Professional Masters degree in Policy and Management of Environmental Sciences with a technical emphasis in Biogeochemistry. He is a licensed landscape contractor, and the president of Wilson Environmental Landscape & Design. Wilson conducts workshops and teaches college classes in Landscape Construction, Irrigation Technology and Sustainable Landscape Design throughout California. He has received numerous awards in categories including Sustainability, Xeriscape, Innovation and Design from the local through the State level.

Course (1) Title: Installing Legal Graywater Systems
Course Description: Laundry Graywater systems have been legalized under a general permit by the State of California in many counties. Learn how the individual homeowner can now make use of washing machine water to keep lawns & gardens green, creating an oasis around their homes. In this workshop he will demonstrate a simple & effective Laundry Graywater system and give examples of how to design one. This class is valuable for landscape installers, designers, architects, inspectors and policy personnel wanting to learn how to implement recent changes in the graywater codes. Other graywater topics and design will be discussed. This is an information packed session that is both theoretical and hands on. Participants will leave the workshop with a solid idea of how to install a system by themselves. Seminar is two hours.

Course (2) Title: Rainwater Harvesting/Passive & Active
Course Description: Rainwater harvesting and storage has been successfully practiced for thousands of years. Learn how recent innovations throughout the globe and some by the presenter, coupled with simple concepts from millennia of practice, will assist you in safely harvesting, storing and utilizing rainwater. This course will cover the following topics: evaluating a site for suitability, type of system to employ, technical design, key concepts to embrace and problems to avoid. Numerous above and below ground examples will be shown. Key landscape water conservation examples will also be presented. Seminar is two hours.
As mentioned previously, 14 out of 47 educational seminars offered at the 2010 Landscape Expo, will deal specifically with water use in various scenarios. Here's a rundown of these water-specific seminars.

  • Generate Income While Saving Clients H2O - Craig Hutchinson, ASLA
  • Palms in Sustainable Landscapes - Reuben Ellis
  • Stormwater Pollution Controls for Landscape Construction Maintenance - David Franklin
  • Installing Legal Graywater Systems - Daniel Wilson
  • Designing an AB-1881 Irrigation Retrofit - Bob Baier
  • Build AB-1881 Irrigation Retrofit - Bob Simpson
  • Maintain AB-1881 Maintenance & Management - Bob Baier & Bob Simpson
  • Rainwater Harvesting/Passive & Active - Daniel Wilson
  • Expand & Renovate 2-Wire Irrigation - Mark Faris
  • Weather-based Alternative Power Controllers - Rick Heenan
  • Update on Possible Litigation Issues - Rob Sawyer, ASLA
  • (AB 1881 and future water issues are among issues discussed)
  • Creating Sustainable Landscapes - Debbie Evans
  • Low Water Use Cycads - Maurice Levin
  • Principles of Sustainable Landscaping - Janet Hartin

To pre-register for free exhibit hall admission ($10 value) and enroll in seminars, visit The 2010 Landscape Expo at Discount hotel accommodations can also be made online at the website. For more information, please call (714) 979-5276.

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