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"Water is Gold - For Landscapes"

June 24, 2010

Daniel Wilson Seminars

Course (1) Title: Installing Legal Graywater Systems

October 6th - 9:30 am

Course (2) Title: Rainwater Harvesting/Passive & Active

October 6th - 12:30 pm

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Daniel Wilson, MESM is the President of WELDesign. Daniel Wilson has a degree in Aquatic Biology and a Professional Masters degree in Policy and Management of Environmental Sciences with a technical emphasis in Bio-Geochemistry. He is a licensed landscape contractor, and the president of Wilson Environmental Landscape & Design. Daniel conducts workshops and teaches college classes in Landscape Construction, Irrigation Technology and Sustainable Landscape Design throughout California. He has received numerous awards in categories including Sustainability, Xeriscape, Innovation and Design from the local through the State level.

Course (1) Title: Installing Legal Graywater Systems

Course Description: Laundry Greywater systems have been legalized under a general permit by the State of California in many counties. Learn how the individual homeowner can now make use of washing machine water to keep lawns & gardens green, creating an oasis around their homes. In this workshop he will demonstrate a simple & effective Laundry Greywater system and give examples to design one for your own home. This class is valuable for landscape installers, designers, architects, inspectors and policy personnel wanting to learn how to implement recent changes in the greywater codes. Other Greywater topics and design will be discussed. This is an information packed session that is both theoretical and hands on. Leave the workshop with a solid idea of how to install a system yourself. 2 hours

Course (2) Title: Rainwater Harvesting/Passive & Active

Course Description: Rainwater harvesting and storage has been successfully practiced for thousands of years. Learn how recent innovations throughout the globe and some by the presenter, coupled with simple concepts from millennia of practice, will assist you in safely harvesting, storing and utilizing rainwater. This course will cover the following topics: evaluating a site for suitability, type of system to employ, technical design, key concepts to embrace and problems to avoid. Numerous above and below ground examples will be shown. Key landscape water conservation examples will also be presented. 2 hours

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