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September 9, 2010

Terry Vassey, Tom Hawkins, John Marman, Ben Koehler and Brad Adams Seminars

Terry Vassey's "Managing Fertilizer & Salinity in Turfgrass " (APLD 1 CEU)
Oct 6th, 9:30 to 10:30

Dr. Terry Vassey, Ph.D.; C.P.Ag., Turfgrass Agronomist, will provide the turfgrass manager with information and strategies to better manage plant nutrition and salinity problems in both the soil and in irrigation water. He will address the growing issues with improper fertilization and ground water contamination and help the listener to develop sound and sustainable fertility programs. He will also address soil and water salinity and ways to avoid "salt" problems as well as deal with them if they (problems) do occur. Go to Bio links below for more information.

Tom Hawkins' "UC Verde Buffalograss: A Range of Sustainable Applications" (APLD 1 CEU)
Oct. 6th, 10:30 to 11:30

Tom Hawkins, owner of Florasource Ltd, will provide an update on 'UC Verde' plantings across California, citing the notable savings on water, but also on mowing, fertilizers and chemical use. Installation methods and lawn conversions will be described; focus will then move to the range of applications for this sustainable turfgrass cultivar, including use as a groomed lawn and as a short meadow grass, for erosion control, stormwater retention basins and bioswales, and as an extremely drought tolerant, low-maintenance ground cover. Go to Bio links below for more information.

John Marman and Ben Koehler's "Best Turf Choices Natural or Synthetic" (APLD 1 CEU)
Oct. 7th, 10:30 to 11:30

John Marman and Ben Koehler, of West Coast Turf, will compare the facts surrounding the debate of natural vs. synthetic turf looking closely at their environmental impact. They will look at various leading varieties of natural turf and applications that work well. Additionally, they will separate some of the facts from fiction when it comes to synthetic turf and discuss appropriate applications and maintenance. This is a current hot-topic in the turfgrass industry and will be valuable for professionals in landscape and sports field construction and maintenance. Go to Bio links below for more information.

Brad Adams' "Managing Stress in Turf"
Oct. 7th, 1:30 to 2:30

Brad Adams, Landscape Specialist for the IRROMETER Company, will present efficient and beneficial use of irrigation water for golf course and sports fields has become a hot topic recently. Water availability, environmental, and other key issues are uppermost in mind for many superintendents and landscape managers. Proper irrigation scheduling is critical to playability, appearance and plant heath. As managers adjust schedules to meet these demands, turf can suffer from stress or over watering. Go to Bio links below for more information.

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Landscape Contractors, Landscape Designers, Golf Course Maintenance Professionals, Irrigation and Turf Care Specialists.

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Bio Page - Dr. Terry Vassey, Ph.D.; C.P.Ag., Turfgrass Agronomist: (Click Here)

Bio Page -Tom Hawkins, owner of Florasource Ltd, : (Click Here)

Bio Page - Ben Koehler and John Marman, of West Coast Turf (Click Here)

Bio Page - Brad Adams, Landscape Specialist for the IRROMETER: (Click Here)

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