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Tennessee ASLA Chapter

Samuel Henry, ASLA, Chapter President

During the month of April the Middle Tennessee Chapter partnered with Hands on Nashville to install rain gardens at homes in neighborhoods surrounding Browns Creek.
Photo: Tennessee ASLA Chapter

The chapter has had a busy 2011 with regular meetings in Memphis, Nashville, and Knoxville for our continuing education sessions, promoting National Landscape Architecture Awareness Day, hosting an LARE review session, and preparing for the annual state conference.

Professionals across the state promoted our profession during Landscape Architecture Month in April and on National Landscape Architecture Awareness Day, August 17.

The East Tennessee Chapter in Knoxville, led by the students in the graduate program at the University of Tennessee, created a power point presentation promoting the profession and presented it at local schools. The West TN Chapter partnered with ULI Memphis for a series of events leading up to the grand opening of the Woodlands Playground in Shelby Farms Park.

On National Landscape Architecture Awareness Day sign templates were posted on many projects stating they were designed by a landscape architect across the state. Information promoted the profession on TNASLA Facebook page.

The Conference Committee in Eastern Tennessee spent several months preparing for 2011 Annual TNASLA Conference in Knoxville ("Inside Out: Back to Basics") was held on October 20 and 21. The conference included tours of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville campus and Knoxville Botanical Garden, an evening Reception in the Old City, lunch award's banquet, and educational sessions at Knoxville Convention Center.

The chapter continued to work with the new masters in landscape architecture program at Knoxville. The UT student chapter president also served as a representative on the Tennessee State Executive board, providing regular updates on events going on with the LA graduate program.

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