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Brand Building: Your Company's Greatest Asset, 1 business CEU APLD, 1 CEU LA CES

Presented by: Judith Guido, Guido & Associates
Friday, March 30th - 9:00 - 10:00 AM

Course Description:

How to inexpensively build a brand your competition would die for! If you think you have to be a big company to build brand-share, think again. The smaller you are the more important a role your brand plays. Companies with strong brands out-perform the competition three to one; have two and half times greater profits, lower marketing expenses, higher customer and employee retention and make product/service introductions easier while attracting strategic partners. Learn how to build a master-brand, reduce marketing expenses, and create an identifiable difference while increasing market share, customer retention and profits. In this seminar you will learn what a brand is and is not, how to build a leading brand, leading value attributes of a brand, two critical components in building a leading brand, how to increase name awareness and company reputation, four success phases of branding, and 12 best practices in branding.


Judith Guido is Chairwoman and founder of Guido & Associates, a Business Management company specializing in the areas of Strategy, Sales/Marketing. Branding, Research, Product development and Social Media, Mergers/Acquisitions, Green and Sustainable Markets, Women and Boomer Markets while focusing on helping organization grow their people and profits. Judy has been recognized as the highest ranking woman in the Green Industry. Guido was the Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Valley Crest; the nations largest ($1 billion in revenues with over 10,000 employees) privately held landscape management and Development Company. Guido was chief marketing officer and senior vice president, of business development and strategic alliances for Cirqit, a New Jersey-based e-commerce technology and consulting company. She served as the Senior Marketing, Sales and Strategy executive with ServiceMaster ($6.5 billion in revenues), some of whose brands include TruGreen and Terminix. Judy is an advisor and board of director for the Yellowstone Landscape Group, the 10th largest landscape management company in the nation.

Judith Guido, Owner, Guido & Associates

Schedule subject to change

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