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Green Roofs, 1 CEU APLD, 1 CEU LA CES, 1 CEU LEED

Presented by: Tom Hawkins, Florasource Ltd.
Friday, March 30th - 1:30 - 2:30 PM

Course Description:

Green roofs offer a relatively low tech, but well-proven approach to energy conservation, significantly impacting temperatures in local environments (urban heat island effect) and within building structures. A typical extensive green roof system (four inches of soil depth plus plant cover) can reduce air-conditioning costs by 25 to 50 percent in a single story structure. By cooling roof top temperatures on multiple story structures, green roofs can as well increase the efficiencies of the air conditioning systems, allowing for smaller units and thereby reducing energy costs.

This session will provide an overview energy conservation studies on green roofs and will highlight some green roof installations within our state. Discussion will also include some of the cost-benefits of greening rooftops in California's unique climate.


Tom Hawkins is president of the horticultural firm Florasource Ltd., based in San Clemente, California, he also represents the green roof firm LiveRoof LLC in Southern California. He is a graduate of California Polytechnic University (B.S. Ornamental Horticulture, 1976, and U.C. Davis (M.S. Environmental Horticulture, 1981). His first involvement with green roofs started in 1999.

Tom Hawkins, Owner, Florasource Ltd.

Schedule subject to change

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