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Building a Profitable Sustainable Company

Thursday, October 11th
12:15 - 2:15 PM

Presented by Judith Guido,
Guido & Associates

CEU Accreditation: PLANET, 2

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Course Description:
Sustainability is one of the greatest markets to leverage today, in this course attendees will learn how to build, market and profit with this major market-force. They will also learn how to establish leadership and grow substantial profits. The speaker will cover what sustainability means; the three significant market trends that have created this market-force; dispel myths around sustainability; the economic advantage of sustainability; how to build a sustainable market strategy; how to create differentiation with sustainability; how to build sustainable smart partnerships; how to profit as a sustainable company and how to leverage sustainability.

Judith Guido is Chairwoman and founder of Guido & Associates, a business management company specializing in the areas of Strategy, Branding, Marketing, Sales, Research, Product Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Green and Sustainable markets, while focusing on helping organizations grow their people and profits. Judy has been recognized as one of the highest-ranking women in the Green Industry. Prior to founding her own business management practice, Guido was the EVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Valley Crest, the nation's largest [$850 million with 10,000+ employees] privately held integrated landscape firm. Some of Valley Crest's brands include Valley Crest Landscape Architecture, Valley Crest Landscape Development, Valley Crest Golf, Valley Crest Tree and Nursery and the 135+ U.S. Lawn franchises.

Guido was Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of business development and strategic alliances for Cirqit, a New Jersey based technology and consulting company. She also served as a senior marketing and strategy executive with ServiceMaster, a $3.5+ billion Fortune 500 company, whose brands include TruGreen and is a global service provider.

Judy is an advisor and board of director for the Yellowstone Landscape Group, which was founded in 2008 and is now the tenth largest commercial landscape management firm in the country. Guido also sits on the executive board of a non-profit organization called Generation Water, which is a sustainable organization dedicated to water conservation and management, and training young adults for careers in the Green Industry.

Judith Guido, Owner, Guido & Associates

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