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Prefurbia (Urban Planning)

CEU Accreditation: LA CES, 1.5; APLD, 1.5

Presented by: Rick Harrison
Friday, February 8th - 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Course Description:

Land development design has stagnated since the 1950's lacking innovation. Innovative design methods collectively called 'Prefurbia' introduces a new era where exciting neighborhoods respect the environment without sacrificing the developers profitability or home affordability. Best of all, Prefurbia conforms to existing regulations. Prefurbia provides dozens of advantages over conventional and traditional design and construction.


Rick Harrison is known for introducing innovations in both methods and technologies for the design and construction of sustainable cities. Advocating sustainable solutions that have economic, social and ecologic advantages for suburban and urban redevelopment, he has redefined the future of land development.

Harrison's career spans more than 43 years in Land Planning, Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Land Development, and over 35 years in Computer Software Development. His pioneering efforts have earned him a plethora of industry awards and made him a much sought-after speaker on various land planning issues. Awards include the coveted Professional Builder's Professional Achievement of the Year Award, and more recently Building Products Magazine's 2010 MVP award and as a finalist for the TekNe Award, and semi-finalists for the Cleantech Open, for his innovations in sustainable land development technologies.

Based in Minneapolis, Rick Harrison Site Design Studio, has designed over 750 neighborhoods in 46 States and 16 Countries, all pushing the envelope of sustainable design. The studio offers cutting-edge design solutions that enhance quality of life with the beauty of the natural environment. The company works with land developers, builders, municipalities and educational institutions throughout the U.S. and overseas, to develop neighborhoods for people at all income levels.

His book Prefurbia: Reinventing Land Development: From Disdainable to Sustainable, has received many favorable reviews. Prefurbia has been supported by AIA, APA, USGBC and many Green Building groups, as well as being fundable through HUD Sustainability Grants.

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