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Sustainable Trends in Exterior Lighting

CEU Accreditation: LA CES, 1.5; LEED, 1.5; APLD, 1.5

Presented by: Teal Brogden
Saturday, February 9th - 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Course Description:

This course presents exciting new lighting trends in four facets of exterior design: Design drivers such as energy codes and sustainable missions, trends in design strategies, trends in lighting products with highlights on LED myths, and trends in project applications that meet sustainability goals while achieving extraordinary visual impact. Rising energy costs, increasingly stringent energy codes, and concerns for night sky light pollution have made lighting a strong focus of sustainable design. This four - part seminar will provide the following:

o A review of current codes and standards related to lighting, energy, LEED and the Model Lighting Ordinance affecting all types of exterior projects.
o An overview of design basics and newest trends in place-making, branding, environmental zones, dynamic media and public art in exterior environments.
o Case studies showing a variety of exciting exterior project types in LA and the West Coast that successfully integrate daylighting and electric lighting strategies with cutting-edge technologies.
o A discussion of the potential pros and cons of emerging technologies, including light emitting diodes (LEDs), and their applications to exterior projects.


As a Senior Design Principal, Teal Brogden works closely with the design team to ensure that the needs of a project are met through the use of innovative, high quality lighting design. Programming and design development are her primary focus in order to establish a strong design direction that will meet the client's needs. In addition, Brogden is responsible for overseeing the design quality standards firm-wide.

While Brogden was studying architectural engineering at the University of Colorado, she became interested in lighting design and developed a broad technical base in the school's renowned lighting program. Her interest in architectural lighting design brought her to New York where she was responsible for the design and management of a wide variety of projects, including the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C., and the Ritz Carlton Hotel and Convention Center in Barcelona.

Brogden joined Horton Lees Brogden in 1991 and spearheaded the opening of the Los Angeles office in 1994. She has been expanding her experience with projects including concert halls, museums, airports, hospitality, retail, healthcare, research/laboratories, corporate offices, universities, landscapes, and facades.

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