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Green & LEED Design Materials: Solutions for the West Coast Professional

CEU Accreditation: LA CES, 1.5; APLD, 1.5

Presented by: Theodora Michailides
Friday, February 8th - 3:30 - 5:00 PM

Course Description:

This course will discuss several products, including what they are made from, where they are made, how "green" they are, and how one can create more sustainable long lasting designs through their usage. Attendees will see slides of installed and un-installed products, along with before and after shots.

Products areas will include: green fencing and building materials, artistic and structural design solutions, lighting, and solutions to collect and re-use water in the landscape. A list of West Coast events will also be given so that attendees may continue to increase their knowledge of "Green" building materials.


At an early age Theodora was put to work doing many things that most people considered "men's" work. Her father and mother delegated tasks like changing truck tires, tossing bales of hay, working with her dad building their little fishing boat "Drift Wood", planting vegetable gardens, helping install canvas products on pleasure yachts, installing awnings, and more.

Today, Theodora Michailides is an entrepreneur who likes to challenge her clients and business associates to question their preconceived ideas and to think outside of the box. The last sixteen years have been spent building Living Art Landscape Designs, a Fresno based landscape design and contracting company devoted to the creation of exquisite landscapes in the California Central Valley, the SF Bay Area, the Monterrey's Peninsula, and California's Central Coast.

In May 2009, after years of research, self study, and a desire to move people to shift towards more ecological and sustainable landscaping choices, Michailides started a second company, Living Green Design Solutions. Living Green Design Solutions sells and distributes to Pacific Coast states "Green, Sustainable, and Eco-friendly" products and materials.

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