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Permeable Pavers as a Stormwater LID BMP

CEU Accreditation: LA CES, 1.5; LEED, 1.5; APLD, 1.5

Presented by: Timothy Mallis
Friday, February 8th - 8:30 - 10:00 am

Course Description:

MS4 permits in California now require use of LID Stormwater BMP's for discretionary new and redevelopment projects. Permeable pavers are a proven solution for managing stormwater without restricting limited space for parking, pedestrian areas or light duty roadways. Learn how permeable pavers are a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, structural stormwater BMP through discussion on:

  • Design Considerations - site selection, structural loading, soil infiltration
  • Case Studies illustrating site specific applications
  • Construction - proper techniques, proofing methods
  • Maintenance - short term and remedial methods
  • LEED and sustainability

  • Biography:

    Timothy Mallis graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from San Jose State University in 1972 and has been a Registered Civil Engineer in the state of California (R.C.E. NO. 31925) since 1980. In 2009 he became LEED accredited by the USGBC.

    Mallis is civil engineer with ORCO Block Company, Inc. and has 30 years experience working with developers and design professionals. He is also the author of "Permeable Concrete Paver Pavement Design Handbook".

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