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Integrated Pest Control for Turfgrass

Thursday, October 17th
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Presented by Marco Schiavon PhD,
University of California, Riverside

CEU Accreditation: TBD

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Course Description
This course will use existing knowledge to focus on integrated pest management techniques currently utilized in turfgrass. All the pest control approaches (chemical and biological control, species selection, correct irrigation practices) and strategies for their combination will be reviewed and analyzed.

Marco Schiavon has a Master of Science from the University of Pudua (Italy), with a focus in turfgrass. In 2009 he started working toward his PhD at New Mexico State University (NMSU), and focused on developing water conservation strategies for turf, while sustaining grasses at an acceptable quality. He also studied the effect of drought stress on warm season turfgrasses, and the effect of wetting agents and plant growth regulators for drought management. Since graduating from NMSU in 2013 he has begun a Postdoctoral appointment at University of California Riverside.

Marco Schiavon PhD, Professor, University of California, Riverside

Schedule subject to change

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