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Irrigation Performance Tests

Thursday, October 17th
9:00 - 10:30 AM

Presented by Richard Daigle,
Irrigator Tech

CEU Accreditation: TBD

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Course Description
Attendees will learn to conduct performance tests of sprinklers, bubblers, and drip stations. Data will be gathered to analyze and determine station net precipitation rates, distribution or emission uniformity, and runoff time. Further discussion will include soil water uniformity and hydraulic redistribution and their impacts on irrigation scheduling.

Richard Daigle has been a contributing member to the Irrigation Industry for over 34 years. His background reflects a diverse amount of experience and education. He first owned and operated a Landscape Maintenance company in 1977. In1985 he has owned and operated Basic Irrigation Parts, and a service division called Precision Controls. This base of this background enables him to have the knowledge and experience for teaching today. The Valcon Valve Company was purchased in 1999, with the goal to restore and manufacture the prominent valve that has been used by Cal Trans, private universities, and amusement parks nationwide since 1942. Champion Irrigation purchased Valcon in 2009. He continues to support Valcon through Daigle & Associates Company, which has been representing lines to the Irrigation Industry since 1988.

In 2000 Richard had a dream and a goal to start an educational program to teach basic irrigation concepts to all service providers and technicians in need. Irrigator Technical Training School established a Basic Certification that taught from the ground up, beginning with elementary techniques and practices. These Basic classes provide a very "hands on" approach. The classes are offered to cities, schools, government agencies, business owners, property managers, municipalities, and maintenance companies. His mission is to assist all "irrigators" in achieving their goals with a better understanding and knowledge of our industry and a dream to raise the level of their individual performance.

Richard has served on the board for the CLCA since 2005 as the Education Director and for the past two years as President for the Inland Empire Chapter. He is the founder of the Green Industry Hall of Fame introduced in 2005. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for both the Hall of Fame and the organization Association of Latino Landscape Professionals.

Richard Daigle, President, Irrigator Technical Training School

Schedule subject to change

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