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Recognizing Tree Problems

Wednesday, October 16th
9:00 -10:30 AM

Presented by Susan Sims,
Sims Tree Health Specialists, Inc.

CEU Accreditation: TBD

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Course Description
This session will teach attendees what to look for in order to make a "Diagnosis". The course will examine biotic - living causal agents such as insects, animals, and disease. Also abiotic - non-living causal agents such as elemental deficiencies and toxicities, weather related, water, and soil problems impacting trees. Special concerns associated with trees in turf and PPD ''People Pressure Diseases''.

Susan Sims, owner of Sims Tree Health Specialists and Learning Center, graduated from California Polytechnic University Pomona with a BA in Agricultural Biology and a minor in Plant Pathology and Ornamental Horticulture. Sims is an Agricultural Biologist, a certified, arborist, tree risk assessor, urban forester, California licensed landscape contractor, agriculture advisor and applicator.

Susan Sims, Owner, Sims Tree Health Specialists, Inc.

Schedule subject to change

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