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Hardscape Installation

Thursday, October 17th
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Presented by William Love,

CEU Accreditation: TBD

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Course Description
The seminar will discuss the development of standards for hardscape products including concrete and clay tiles and bricks, interlocking pavers, paving slabs, and accessories ranging from wall caps to pool coping.

Participants will learn about the importance of standards and how they are used to ensure high quality products and installations and to allow for easier specification of these products.

Participants will learn about organizations that develop standards for hardscape products and their installation including ASTM, ANSI, ICPI, and TCNA and will discuss relevant examples.

Finally, the standard development processes required by these organizations will be detailed so that participants can understand how standards are proposed, developed, and ultimately approved and published.

William Love serves as technical director of Arto Brick California Pavers and has developed AIA CES courses for both ARTO and the NPCA (National Precast Concrete Association). As a member of ASTM he is leading task groups developing the product standard (recently published as C1731) and installation guide for concrete floor tile and has been recently appointed to head the C15.08 subcommittee on masonry terminology.

As the Chairman of the Building Product Committee and Architectural Subcommittee of the NPCA William has led the development of a comprehensive repair guide for architectural precast as well as design specification for a wide range of specific products.

He works closely with design professionals to create specifications, assist with LEED certification, and to provide testing and technical assistance for standard and custom products. William is a graduate of UCLA and earned his Masters in Social Science at UC Irvine, where he co-authored a book chapter and journal article on competitive strategies used by European airliner manufacturer Airbus to penetrate Asian markets.

William Love, ARTO

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