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2016 ASLA Chapter Reports
South Carolina ASLA Chapter


Landscape architects in Charleston enjoyed engaging with the passerbys during Park(ing) Day. There were several installations across the state, including Greenville, Charleston, Columbia, and Bluffton.
Photo: Lia Tomczak

For the South Carolina Chapter ASLA, 2016 was a year dedicated to adding value to membership. Efforts were focused on outreach, recognition and communication.

To better reach their members, the chapter began regularly holding regional events throughout the state. There were a total of 20 events, including social and educational events, joint events with allied professionals, as well as public events. The annual meeting is always a big hit, and the biggest event was the Green Roof Event held at the ClemsonONE building in downtown Greenville, S.C., and jointly hosted with AIA. The chapter is proud to have been a catalyst for the 20 or so Park(ing) day locations that popped up in Columbia, S.C. The viewing party for "The 10 Parks that Changed America," held in a very popular community park in Bluffton, S.C., was attended by several community members and local town staff.


Guests mingled in the ballroom at the Hyatt in Greenville, S.C. just before the presentation of two state chapter awards at the annual awards banquet. Landscape architect Bob Hughes received the Charles Fraser Award for development work throughout the state, and the Clemson Planning Department received the Genius Loci Award for their work on the Clemson University campus.
Photo: Kathleen Duncan

The chapter worked diligently to recognize persons and groups from around the state for their exemplary contributions to the profession. This year, a couple of state chapter awards were resurrected. At the annual meeting in Greenville, S.C., Bob Hughes was honored with the Charles Fraser Award for his exemplary development work throughout the state. The Clemson Planning Department was awarded the Genius Loci Award for their tremendous work on creating the Spirit of Place on the Clemson University campus.

Additionally, the chapter was fortunate to have two members elevated to the Council of Fellows. ASLA recognized late Kenny Seamon, for his outstanding leadership in our state. We unfortunately lost Mr. Seamon to a battle with cancer shortly after receiving word of his elevation. His son, Russ Seamon, was present at the Council of Fellows dinner to posthumously receive his father's medal. Greg Duckworth was also elevated for his service to the profession and his community. Mr. Duckworth is currently serving in the South Carolina House of Representatives for District 104.


Attendees of the Upstate Green Roof Event, hosted by the South Carolina chapter of ASLA and AIA, joined together for fellowship and learning on the rooftop of the ClemsonONE building in Greenvile, S.C. This was one of twenty events hosted by the chapter in 2016.
Photo: Clint Rigsby

This year at the National ASLA Meeting in New Orleans, two South Carolinians were granted Honorary Membership into ASLA. Jim Barker, FAIA, is a professor, former Dean of the Architecture, Arts and Humanities, and President Emeritus at Clemson. Barker played an integral role in growing the Landscape Architecture Department and has had a profound effect on the profession in our state and around the country. Darla Moore, a philanthropist and businesswoman, has used her wealth to transform her family's farm into a botanical garden, founded the Charleston Parks Conservancy in Charleston, S.C., and works tirelessly on the revitalization of her hometown, Lake City, S.C.

This year the chapter made a concerted effort to improve communication with members. Regular updates to the website with new information have positioned the webpage as a resource to members. Posts to social media at least once a week with upcoming opportunities, event pictures, and chapter recognition have increased awareness of chapter activties and served to better engage both members and non-members. Video newsletters have generated enthusiasm about the happenings in the state.

As seen in LASN magazine, December 2016.

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