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Cooper Carry
Atlanta, Georgia



Intergraph Corporate Headquarters Huntsville, Alabama

Intergraph, an engineering and geospatial software company, needed a new headquarters to bring 1,100 employees under one roof. The landscape design for the five-story 250,000 sq. ft. facility was envisioned as a painting, with large swaths of ornamental grasses, flowering perennials and shrubs. Constructed mounds and hills give the engaging landscape an ebb and flow through the site. The over 6,000 shrubs and groundcovers and over 450 trees of all scales have transformed the site from an open field to a botanical garden.



North Atlanta High School, Atlanta, Georgia

Above & Left: Sustainability, through adaptive reuse and reverence to the natural environment, was at the forefront of the North Atlanta High School design. The school was designed to accommodate 2,400 students on what was previously a 56-acre corporate campus. The adaptive reuse design includes an 11-story concrete-framed office tower spanning a scenic lake. Existing impervious parking lots were transformed into quad space, outdoor teaching rooms, gardens and sports facilities for football, baseball, softball and tennis. Removing much of the surface parking allowed the design team to reintroduce natural elements that have been missing for decades.



Georgia BioScience Training Center, Social Circle, Georgia

The Georgia BioScience Training Center is a signature building that declares Georgia's commitment to supporting research, technology transfer and providing the trained workforce critical to bioscience and biomanufacturing operations. Landscape architecture services included layout and design of the central open green space plaza in the center of the building.

Cooper Carry focuses on innovative designs for exceptional places. Since its founding in 1960, the firm has steadily built a reputation for attention to detail, thoughtful design and client service. Landscape architects, architects, planners, environmental graphic designers and sustainability consultants make up Cooper Carry's core disciplines. The firm is led by 48 principals and associate principals: 32 senior associates and associates, and a supporting staff of over 200. The firm's 10 landscape architects and planners work on a wide range of projects.

As seen in LASN magazine, October 2016.

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