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2018 Could See More Horizontal Fences
Second Highest New Trending Search on Pinterest from 2017


Vertical trees and plants will stand out against a horizontal fence, making your landscaping really pop.

The website Pinterest released its top 100 trend predictions for 2018, based on keyword search data, and one of the top trends predicted to grow in 2018 is horizontal fences. The statistics showed that searches for horizontal fences, from the website's 73 million registered users, rose by 333%, making it one of the top growing topics from 2017.

Horizontal fences boast a few benefits over their vertical counterparts. First, the running side-to-side boards can give yards a wider feel, as they compel someone's eyes to look around the yard, rather than up. This is the same idea as people wearing vertical striped clothing appearing taller and slimmer. In essence, horizontal lines create an expanded space instead of a confined area.

Second, there is an idea that horizontal lines can promote feelings of relaxation and tranquility because we naturally associate horizontal objects to a state of rest. If this postulation is valid, a horizontal fence could give the home a more relaxed feel and subsequently promote wellness.

Last, incorporation of a horizontal fence can draw attention to the landscaping because a plant that grows vertically will stand out more against a horizontal backdrop. Think of it like this, if you've ever seen a horizontal fence with a horizontal door made from the same materials, the door can almost be invisible. Now, had that door been made with vertical slats then it would obviously stand out. This can be advantageous in landscaping if you want a specific plant to stand out.

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