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23,780 Forest Acres Saved

This huge tract of forest is now under the stewardship of The Nature Conservancy and The Conservation Fund who will be stewarding the natural resources while managing the logging operations and recreational facilities.

The Nature Conservancy and the Conservation Fund have joined forces to purchase 23,780 acres of the Garcia River Forest from a local timber company. It will be the first time a nonprofit environmental organization has owned and operated a large-scale timber operation in California. Located in southwestern Mendocino County, the Garcia-forest property comprises the headwaters of the Garcia River and represents about 40 percent of the Garcia River watershed. The magnificent stands of redwood, fir and oak provide homes for the northern spotted owl, marbled murrelet and various other rare species. Coho salmon, chinook and steelhead trout rely on the regions complex system of rivers and tributaries. Second home development and vineyard conversion are on the rise in this once remote region and the fragmentation of the North Coast's huge landscapes threatens to harm the natural resources that are vital not only to wildlife but also to local residents. Area locals rely on rural industries for their living and these include logging, fishing and tourism. The Conservancy will retain a conservation easement on the property and will contribute to the development of the forest-management plan by identifying sensitive creeks and forest habitat that should be protected. They will manage logging operations and recreational access and use the proceeds to steward the land, maintain roads and fund restoration.

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June 18, 2019, 8:52 am PDT

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