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February Survey - Resort Development


Q1What percentage of your firm's work involves resort and hotel design?


2)More than 50%

3)More than 25%

4)Less than 10%


Q2What is the most challenging aspect of resort/hotel landscape architecture?

5) Aesthetics/Visual Appeal

6)Environmental Consciousness

7)Pedestrian and Traffic Circulation

8)Golf Course Design

9)Recreational/Entertainment Facilities Planning

10)Beachfront/Shoreline Erosion

11)Other (please specify below)


Q3What is the most unusual item you have specified for a resort design? (please specify below)


Q4For the technical services listed, does your firm/department:

Lighting Design

12)Design in-house


14)Rely on Vendors

Irrigation Design

15)Design in-house


17)Rely on vendors

Erosion Control

18)Design in-house


20)Rely on vendors


Q5For your resort and hotel designs, which type of products do you rigidly specify?


22) Landscape Lighting

23) Water Features/Waterfalls

24) Turfgrass/Sod/Seed

25) Plant Materials

26)Erosion Control Materials

27)Swimming Pools

28)Paving Materials




Q6Which erosion control material do you specify most often?

31)Vegetative Planting

32)Retaining Walls


34)Surface Roughening



Q7What is the most challenging aspect of destination resort/hotel/golf course development?

1) Aesthetics

2) Erosion Control

3) Pedestrian and traffic circulation

4)Environmental Sensitivity



Q8 Have you been involved in an award-winning design for the following types of projects?

1)Water Features/Fountain Design

2)Neighborhoods/Community Design

3)Streetscape & Roadway Development

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