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A Louisiana Renewal Forum

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is leading the effort to plan for the city's rebuilding.

Taking a page from the Mississippi Renewal Forum, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has promised a plan for the city by Jan. 1, a very short time for such a complex project. Starting in mid-November, teams from the Urban Land Institute, the American Planning Association, the American Institute of Architects and other organizations met to exchange ideas and put the rush plan together.

The Urban Land Institute made the following recommendations at the effort's launch.

  • Creating a “Crescent City Rebuilding Corp.” - a public and private joint venture - to oversee the reconstruction effort.
  • Establishing a financial oversight board to supervise the city’s day-to-day operations.
  • Reforming the city’s tax structure. “It stinks, and you need to change it,” said Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy.
  • Taking a regional approach to levees, transportation and economic development.

The ULI team left unresolved the explosive issue of rebuilding the Lower Ninth Ward and New Orleans East. “Every citizen should have the right to return to a safe city,” it said, but it added that some areas should not be rebuilt.

“New Orleans could be the ultimate test case for how America is going to deal with its cities in the future,” says Virginia landscape architect William Morrish, a member of the ULI team.

It could tell us how committed we are as a nation to equity in housing and public education, to rebuilding our infrastructure and to safeguarding the environment.

Louisiana legislators are seeking $250 billion in federal funds for the recovery effort.

Source: Dallas Morning News

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December 10, 2019, 7:26 pm PDT

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