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Webster's Dictionary defines the word multi as "much, many, or more than one." Therefore, when I see the word multi attached to a product, I expect a few closely related extras--like a shop-vac with multiple attachments. The manufacturer may mean many, but really, it's just four or five vacuum heads that attach to the end of a hose, enhancing rather than changing the basic functions. It's not often that multi really means a cornucopia of goodies and extras, like with a Swiss Army knife--now there's a multi-faceted tool--a little guy that packs a lot of punch--I can whittle wood with the knife, snip fishing line with the scissors, and crack the cap off of a beverage with the bottle opener. The new MultiTrac more resembles the latter. With over 60 available attachments, this sleek articulated loader truly makes the most of the term multi-function. The Little Big Guy In a sentence, the MultiTrac is powerful, versatile and compact; built with the intention of replacing many \"single purpose\" specialty machines. With the numerous attachments available, the MultiTrac can serve as a backhoe, pallet fork, trencher, mulch/light material bucket, leveller, roto tiller, angle blade, concrete breaker, cement mixer, mower, plow trimmer, lawn mower, snow blower, or forklift. And, that\'s not all, just a few of the highlights. This articulated loader adds speed and productivity into the mix, too. It races along at 8.5 MPH. Two speed auxiliary hydraulics provide up to 10.6 GPM at 3,000 psi, providing raw power to the attachments. The MultiTrac RT30DT boasts a 30 horsepower diesel engine with a telescoping boom feature that extends the reach and lifting weight of the unit. It weights 2,260 lbs. with an 1,100 lbs. capacity and a 2,200 lbs tip load. MultiTrac was designed with care and attention to detail in order to achieve optimum weight distribution and function in use. In fact, it can lift 90% of its own weight. The operator\'s compartment is spacious and slightly raised, providing an unobstructed 360 degree view with no blind spots. The seat and backrest are adjustable and the armrests are movable. It\'s powerful, but small enough to be trusted on any surface, including turf. The basic unit will fit into an 8-foot pickup, with the bed closed. Other options include a fully enclosed, removable cab with blue tinted glass, windshield wipers, opening windows, front and rear lights and a heater. A 3-point hitch, counter weights, a dual wheel kit, and various tire options. This is not the average mini-loader. There are no special skills required to operate this loader--if you can drive a pickup, the MultiTrac won\'t be difficult to master. The MultiTrac lives up to its name with the number of available options and variety of uses. Maybe that\'s why MultiTrac is billed as a Swiss Army knife with an operator seat. MultiTrac is imported by Stonebrooke Equipment, Inc. 800-805-2265.

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July 17, 2019, 8:33 pm PDT

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