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A New Launch: From ValleyCrest to Sperber Landscape
Continuing the Family Legacy

A New Launch: From ValleyCrest to Sperber Landscape

Headquartered in Calabasas, Calif., the new Sperber Landscape Companies has become "a growing team of top industry talent with growth plans centered around the continued consolidations of the highly fragmented landscape industry."

Former ValleyCrest Chairman, Richard Sperber, has recently announced the launch of his new company, Sperber Landscape Companies (SLC). ValleyCrest was the "leading commercial landscape company" in the U.S. and was sold by the Sperber Family in 2014, when Sperber chose to retire.

Sperber decided to build up SLC after realizing he still had a strong attachment to the industry and wanted to service the former clients and connections who continued to express a desire to work this family-owned company again. According to a Sperber Companies press release, the owner's intent with this new company is "to create a culture where our employees and clients feel valued and receive service that is backed by unmatched experience and talent."

SLC has been established to provide maintenance services with existing "best-in-class" companies throughout the nation. Currently, the company is working on large-scale installation projects such as the exterior sitework of the Mauna Lani Resort in Hawaii. Sperber is positive towards the future, stating, "I'm excited to build Sperber Landscape Companies into a leader that delivers an experience which sets new standards."

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October 17, 2019, 4:43 pm PDT

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