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A Prince of a Plan

The Princeton campus is a large, intricate layout across hilly terrain, with a strong historic character at the campus core.

For more than two years, a team of architects, landscape architects and planners at Princeton University have worked on what is being called Princeton's most comprehensive campus plan in its history.

One-third of the 380-acre contiguous main campus may be rebuilt, weaving modern development with the historic campus, while maintaining its pedestrian-orientation and preserving its park-like character.

Princeton has worked to balance the needs and desires of the university community proper and the neighboring Princeton Borough and Princeton Township.

The plan tackles traffic, parking, construction, energy conservation, storm water management, campus landscape, improved pathways/signage and housing for faculty, staff and students.

The university has undergone six major planning efforts in its 262-year history.

This campus development will carry the university for the next decade and beyond.

The 180-page plan, “Princeton Campus Plan: The Next Ten Years and Beyond,” is available free online [] in pdf.

A brochure is also free to download at the same URL.

The completion of the plan will be marked with an exhibition Feb. 24-29 in Firestone Library on Princeton’s campus and a Feb. 26 panel discussion.

Cass Cliatt of News@Princeton notes that the density in the historic center at other institutions has required expansion to remote properties. Although Princeton has large land holdings separate from the main campus, the new growth will be entirely within the compact and walkable space of the main campus.

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