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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Circuit Court Judge Dan King has given KMAC Organics 45 days to move offensive smelling compost from its plant in Wenonah to a nonresidential area, and to stop operations at the facility. The judge's edict came in the wake of a lawsuit filed against the company by residents in the vicinity of the plant who testified to shortness of breath and nausea from breathing the wafting stink. The problem started in early April 2003 when the company, which produces organic compost, opened its plant. Residents were soon snorting mad at the foul, "dead smell" in the air. The Environmental Protection Agency and a city councilor were soon involved. The assault on the inhabitants' olfactory sensibilities was soon revealed: The composition of the compost was egg byproducts and chicken parts. The plant tried to deodorize the offending smell, but the area residence still complained of the odor. The attorney for KMAC said the company would comply with the court order.

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