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A Study on Urban Green Spaces
Finding a Link between Green Spaces and Wellbeing

A Study on Urban Green Spaces

Researchers of the "Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature" project hope that their findings will aid city planning and resource allocation with their implementation of urban greenspaces.

According to, researchers at the University of Sheffield have concluded there is a direct link between the well-being of city residents and the amount of green spaces within the city.

The project, titled "Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature," was performed by the University of Sheffield's Department of Landscape Architecture and found that there is a measurable improvement in health and wellbeing when people "notice" the nature around them.

In an article found on the aforementioned website, professor Anna Jorgensen, from the University's Department of Landscape Architecture and lead researcher for the project, was quoted as having said, "A city's network of parks and open spaces support mental wellbeing and social inclusion... To deliver equitable benefits, we need sustained investment in the everyday physical and social infrastructure of urban natural spaces."

The research was reported to have cost 1.3 million British pounds (approximately 1.7 million dollars) and brought together health professionals, city planners and community volunteers. A mobile application was created to evaluate how the quality and quantity of urban green spaces related to wellbeing.

Professor Jorgensen adds, "[City planners] should incorporate and preserve views of hills, parks, woodlands and sky. Developers of residential or commercial buildings can enhance the public realm through planting and wildlife-friendly features, such as bird boxes."

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December 5, 2019, 7:00 am PDT

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