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ABC's New Video to Help the Construction Industry
Focus on ABC National Student Chapter Network

ABC's New Video to Help the Construction Industry

Photo Credit: YouTube
Haley Moyers, senior manager at ABC, addresses potential student enrollees in this two-minute video published on September 25, 2018.

At the end of October, Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc., released a press release highlighting their latest video. The video is aimed at engaging college students in construction-related fields by enticing them to join the ABC National Student Chapter Network.

ABC's weekly newsletter, Newsline, states that the "ABC National Student Chapter Network gives faculty members and college students real-world information and experience through membership meetings, guest speakers, internships, community service projects, fundraisers, career fairs, jobsite tours and more."

The student chapter network strives to connect local ABC chapters, of which there are about 70, to colleges with construction management programs in order to bolster the industry and mentor future leaders.

To view the video, visit the ABC's webpage HERE.

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