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Acme Brick Co. Buys Ochs Brick Co. & McFarlane Stone

Och’s clay storage area is where four clays are selected from three mine locations and stockpiled at the plant site. A front loader mixes the clays and carries material to the grinding plant.

Acme Brick Co. of Fort Worth, Texas announces the purchase of a Minnesota brick plant and sales office owned by Ochs Brick Co. In a related transaction, Acme also acquired the natural stone fabrication assets of McFarlane Stone.

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“This acquisition represents Acme’s first geographic expansion into the upper Midwest. Ochs is Minnesota’s only brick plant and primarily serves customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and the Dakotas,” explained Acme President/CEO Dennis Knautz.

Interesting historical coincidence—both Acme Brick and Ochs Brick were founded in 1891.

The Ochs plant is located in Springfield, Minn. and underwent a $9 million expansion in 2001 to double the plant’s capacity to 60 million bricks per year. This facility becomes Acme’s 24th brick plant and increases the company’s overall capacity to more than 1.3 billion brick per year.

The Ochs’ sales facility, located near Minneapolis, has been the site of the Twin Cities’ largest distributor of brick, natural stone, cultured stone, pavers, and other masonry product accessories. Sales efforts from that full-service location will be conducted under the name “Acme-Ochs.”

McFarlane Stone, also located in the Twin Cities area, is the largest cut-stone fabrication facility in the area and in operation since 1916. Sales of McFarlane’s products will be marketed through the Acme-Ochs.

Acme Brick Co. says it is the “world’s largest American-owned brick company.” Acme and its affiliated building products companies are part of Berkshire Hathaway, headed by investor Warren Buffett.

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June 26, 2019, 12:02 pm PDT

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