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Alabama Legislative Alerts

Several bills scheduled for the 2012 Alabama legislative session could impact the state's landscape architects. One involves requiring the ADOT to design "complete streets and highways"; the other would affect alternative paths to licensure.

Even though the Alabama legislature is not currently in session, the Alabama Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects is telling its members that now is the time to let their state representatives know how legislation introduced in the last session could affect landscape architects in 2012.

Legislation in 2012 affecting members includes AL HB342, which would require the Alabama Department of Transportation (ADOT) to design "complete streets and highways" to enable safe access for all users, including bicyclists, transit users, motorists and pedestrians. Further, it would require ADOT to publish a best practices report two years after the act is effective, demonstrating changes in procedures to accomplish these goals.

The chapter is urging its members to contact their state representatives to support this bill, and lobby their state senators to sponsor or co-sponsor a companion bill.

Another piece of legislation, AL HB549/SB435, would make several amendments to the law that regulates the practice of landscape architecture in Alabama. Specific amendments include revising the renewal delinquency date to March 15 of each year, and clarifying language replacing "written exam" with "exam approved by the Board."

As it stands now in Alabama, a person with eight years of practical landscape architectural experience can sit for the landscape architect examination. A proposed amendment would remove that path to licensure by requiring an approved degree from a landscape architectural school, along with practical experience to qualify for examination. ASLA policy continues to support alternative paths to licensure. Removing this provision from the statute would conflict with that policy statement.

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