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Amazing Trees

Friday, March 13th - 9:00 - 10:30 am
Presented by: Dave Dockter

Course Description:

Learn about the beauty and diversity of trees surviving in your area. Images may remind you of childhood experiences, the excitement of family hiking in mountain foothills and help you understand how trees function as a system--continually responding to the ebb and flow of influences of their surroundings. Attendees will also learn how to keep a beautiful suburban forest functioning, from planning, legislation, maintenance and order.

This talk is relevant to scientists, nature lovers, urban foresters, students, practicing arborists, professors, environmentalists, city and county staff and residents who appreciate the surroundings we live in.


Dave Dockter is appointed as the Planning Arborist for the Urban Forestry Section at the City of Palo Alto, and has a unique perspective of the urban forest, community involvement, governance and regulations. He is a member of several organizations including International Society of Arboriculture, of which he has served as a Board Director of the largest chapter in the world - the Western Chapter. A laureate of the ASCA Consulting Academy & Tree Risk Assessment Qualification and a recipient of the Focused Issue Planning Award from the American Planning Association, he was given the ISA's Arboricultural Research Award, recognized for substantially contributing to the sum field of knowledge in arboriculture and urban forestry for principal authorship of the Palo Alto Tree Technical Manual.

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