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You'd be surprised what craziness landscaping wreaks on the world! How it lurks at the heart of every moral question, every passion, and every sordid little dream. All right, maybe that's overdoing it, but a lot of strange stuff does tend to happen in the landscaping community. Wacky tales of missing fingers and oddball lawsuits dot Google's news pages, and some of them are just too good to not pass them on. So go ahead and jump on this mower as we ride across another: Fractured Landscape Aw, C'mon. Don't' just throw them in the trash! Two men were convicted in Wuersburg, Germany, on Friday, September 12, for faking a landscape accident in order to claim 40,000 euros from insurance companies. But this was no faking-a-limp, show-up-in-court-with-a-neckbrace type of stunt. "One man held on to a cutting board and the other sawed his fingers off," Reuters reports presiding judge, Juergen Treu as saying. The 58-year old landschaftsfartner (landscaper for the English speakers) had a 28-year-old truck driver cut off his thumb and forefinger with a chainsaw in a maneuver even Tarantino would never have foreseen. The man then threw the fingers away and proceeded in collecting money from two insurers. "But they couldn't keep their mouths shut," said Treu. So police were able to uncover the fingers in some debris after the incident, landing the two men in court. In a situation that definitely took a bad turn, the 58-year-old man has been sentenced to a 1.5-year probationary sentence without the fingers that separated primates from the other animals. The truck driver will be serving a jail sentence due to his previous criminal record. Not quite Trading Spaces, is it? When Chris Gravey of Ananova, England, saw the mini-digger tearing into his yard last week, he figured that his wife had arranged to have his garden redone as a surprise birthday gift. But he decided he was wrong when he drove his wife up to their house and she screamed. The Graveys had been attracted to their house because of the pines, mature shrubs, and heather. Now they all lay in a truck next to their house. "We were absolutely gobsmacked. It is comical really but it was a brilliant garden and the reason we bought the house. I cannot believe it has gone. I got up at midnight to look out of the window to see if it had really happened," said Gravey according to Gravey claimed that the EJ Orchard employee was as surprised as they were. "We were in shock and the poor digger lad was in shock as it dawned on him that he was digging up the wrong garden. After my wife had finished shouting at him we had to make him a cup of tea to calm him down," he said. The couple is taking legal action to gain compensation for the damage, and EJ Orchard has offered to repair the garden. Just a joke, ma'am. A Toronto radio station seemed to think everyone would get the joke when they began their on-the-air contest to name the ugliest places in Canada last Sunday, according to For the most part, people understood. A few people called in to CBC, the radio station, to say they thought the contest was stupid, but Wendy Peck of Kenora, Ontario, was offended. In an e-mail she sent to CBC, her MP, and the media, Peck said that she disagreed with a "feature that seems designed only to belittle and ridicule, using appearances as the sole criteria as to whether a town, place, or landscape will be collectively disgraced by our national radio service." CBC said they have responded to Peck. But on the bright side, they did get 16 positive answers!

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