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APSP Reaffirms ANSI Standards

APSP, a national organization that represents pool, hot tub, and spa manufacturers, reaffirms ANSI standards.

The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals has announced the reaffirmation of American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/APSP/International Code Council (ICC)-8 2005 (Revised 2013) Standard for Model Barrier Code for residential swimming pools, spas and hot tubs.

The Standard is designed to protect young children from accidental drowning by limiting or delaying a child's unintended access to swimming pools, spas and hot tubs through layers of protection.

"The first and most important layer of protection to keep everyone safe around a pool, spa or hot tub is constant, adult supervision," said APSP Senior Director Technical & Standards Carvin DiGiovanni. "This Standard provides the layer of protection options in easy to understand language and illustrations for the builder, the code official, and the consumer to ensure safe and responsible swimming and soaking."

ANSI/APSP/ICC-8 2013 provides the most up-to-date layers of protection for incorporation into national or regional building codes and for adoption by state and local jurisdictions. The Standard contains a complete description of the layers of protection with annotated pictures of their application.

The Standard is available for purchase and download at

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