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Arboretum Offers Help to Northern Illinois Cities

The Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois is helping northern Illinois cities to better plan and care for community trees. One of its resources is "Retrofitting Large Landscapes for Sustainability," a 96-page online handbook for property owners, managers and residents.

To help communities effectively plan, manage and care for trees, the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois is holding a series of outreach visits in cities across northern Illinois. This community trees program ( resources is offering workshops and resources to more than 50 cities to help provide guidance to ensure proper planning and maintenance for area trees. As part of the outreach visits, the arboretum is also offering "Tree Tools," a series of booklets covering everything from developing a tree management plan or ordinance to working with volunteers.

Beth Corrigan, who coordinates the Community Trees program, notes that many communities don't have an ISA-certified arborist on staff. For such cities, the tree experts at the arboretum can help them make more informed decisions to ensure long, healthy lives for their trees. Communities need personnel to maintain their trees-- watering, mulching, replanting and pest and hazard detection. The past five years have brought drought and major flooding to Illinois, making tree care and replanting crucial.

The Morton's Community Trees program began in 2002 with support from the Grace Bersted Foundation. The foundation specifically serves the people of DuPage, Kane, Lake, and McHenry counties in Illinois.

The program's goal is to help people help trees live long, productive lives, based on the philosophy that all trees, on both public and private land, together form an urban and community forest that is important to community infrastructure.

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