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Architecture Billings on Rise

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The American Institute of Architects reports the Architecture Billings Index (ABI), a key economic indicator for the architecture and construction industries, rose more than two points to 54.2 in Dec. 2010. The ABI also went up in November (to 52), giving the index two consecutive months of positive movement.

A score above 50 indicates an increase in demand for design services and an increase in billings.

The new projects inquiry index also rose to 62.6 in December, compared to 61.4 in the previous month.

"This is more promising news that the design and construction industry is continuing to move toward a recovery," said Kermit Baker, AIA's chief economist. However, he noted December is historically the most unpredictable month from a business standpoint, and therefore the most difficult month from which to interpret a trend. "The coming quarter will give us a much better sense of the strength of the apparent upturn in design activity, " he added.

Three of the four regions of the country saw index scores above 50: the Northeast at 55.3; the South at 54.8; the Midwest at 52.9; and the West at 48.4.

Multifamily had the strongest index score in December, registering 60.1. Commercial and industrial were at 52.7, institutional at 50.6 and mixed-use at 47.8.

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