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Art and Greenery Harmonize Downtown Tampa

Part of the $1.2 million Zack Street Promenade of the Arts project in Tampa is backlit vertical glass sculptures (glass artist Susan Gott ) juxtaposed with honeysuckle vines on metal frameworks (McNICHOLS ECO-MESH(R)). The trellis frames (Eco Mesh panels) measure 3.5' by 10'; the glass tiles panels measure approximately18" by 10', including the metal frames that are painted reddish brown. The project also incorporates pavers with medallions depicting Tampa history, artistic benches, ornate street lighting, wider sidewalks and many new trees and plants.

Urban dwellers and visitors walking along Zack Street in downtown Tampa are getting a welcomed relief from the concrete and asphalt with "Vignettes of Tampa," a 20' by 10' crafted framework of trellised urban greenery and glass art.

Trellises have long been attractive garden staples for climbing vines plants like roses, bougainvillea and wisteria. The trellises on display at the Zack Street Promenade of the Arts between Tampa's Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park and Le Meridien hotel bring vertical greenery and the orange flowers of honeysuckles to the streetscape, interspersed with glass artwork.

The project is under the direction of Phil Graham Landscape Architecture, formerly Graham-Booth, LLC of St. Petersburg, Florida. As prime consultant to the city of Tampa for the Zack Street Promenade of the Arts, the Phil Graham design team included art consultant Ann Wykell of St. Petersburg working with Robin Nigh, manager of the Arts Program for the city of Tampa, and glass sculptor Susan Gott. Trimar Construction, Inc., of Tampa was the builder. By collaborating with Gott in the early stages of design, the team came up with this safe and aesthetically pleasing way to display her glass art along a public street.

"The glass and the vines complement one another and create a screen where the pedestrians may sit and rest without viewing the parking lot," said Gott.

The trellis frameworks can be applied as green wall facades, privacy partitions, fencing, canopies, sunshade structures and arbors.

Graham also specified concrete cubes on the walk in front of the screen to "mimic the square glass art forms," as well as creating seating for weary pedestrians.

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October 20, 2019, 5:54 pm PDT

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