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Artificial Turf Ban Battle

Fountain Valley, Calif. is to consider lifting a ban on artificial turf. A need for water conservation has prompted a hearing for the legislation, set for Oct. 21. The previous ban also conflicted with a 30-cent-per-foot rebate offered by the Municipal Water District of Orange County.

Artificial turf installers, particularly those operating in the Fountain Valley, Calif. area, listen up!

The City Council decided to hold a public hearing at its next meeting Oct. 21 to review a proposal to rescind an artificial turf ban. The action comes at a time when the state’s drought situation has prompted local cities to look at ways to cut back water use.

About 750 square feet of synthetic turf in a residential yard can conserve about 22,000 gallons of water per year and cuts down on urban runoff and green waste, according to a staff report. In addition, the Municipal Water District of Orange County offers a 30-cent-per-square-foot rebate to homeowners who install artificial turf.

Fountain Valley’s decision follows discussion by Garden Grove officials about lifting a ban on artificial turf on residential properties. The council last month postponed a vote on the matter, asking staff to get more information about the fake grass.

Council members had questions about lead content in some artificial turf brands, pending lawsuits against some artificial turf manufacturers in New Jersey and California and concerns about drainage and maintenance.

City planners are recommending these guidelines for artificial turf installation:

oUse turf composed of polyethylene and/or polypropylene with an 8-year minimum no-fade warranty.

oTurf must be installed by a licensed professional with a proper draining system.

oTurf must be maintained in a green, fadeless condition and free of stains, weeds, debris, impressions and discoloration.

oThe use of indoor or outdoor plastic or nylon carpeting as a replacement for turf would be prohibited.

Staffers say issues of toxicity, heat, sanitation, lifespan, maintenance, warranty and combustibility should also be examined.

Source: Orange County Register

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