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ALSA Releases Guide on Water Efficiency
Online Resource of Sustainable Practices


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An online, text-based guide by the American Society of Landscape Architects on how to properly manage and preserve water was recently released. The guide is generally aimed at landscape designers, landscape architects and homeowners.

It contains research, examples of projects and resources on the topic of water retention and sustainability. Bioswales, bioretention ponds, rain gardens, rainwater harvesting, water recycling and drip irrigation are all covered.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency estimated that flooding in the United States cost $260 billion between the years of 1980 and 2013. Much of this water is wasted and it could be recycled to irrigate landscapes, or saved for human consumption.

The online resource guide is composed of a set of links and ultimately aims to help educate landscaper architects on how to properly manage flooding, while also teaching homeowners how they can preserve rainwater for usage.

The guide states, "Homeowners can recycle and reuse greywater (and even blackwater) for landscape maintenance, car washing, and toilet flushing." It advocates for green infrastructure as being an integral component of homes and highlights a residential residence in Tucson, Arizona that implemented a graywater reuse system.

To access the guide, click HERE.

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November 12, 2019, 6:16 am PDT

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