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ASLA's New Activity Books
Explore the Creativity of Landscape Architects


The ASLA's activity books have been created for those who want to make memories and design innovative worlds. The readers can sketch and color their creative landscape architecture ideas.

ALSA has developed activity books focused on landscape architecture in the U.S. titled, "Discover Landscape Architecture Activity Books." They give readers the chance to learn the "art and science of designing sustainable landscapes" and provide drawings and places created by landscape architects. For the drawers and doodlers interested in architecture, planning or engineering, these books provide the opportunity to explore creative projects in the related field.

There are activity books for kids, teens and adults. Geared towards the 9-12 year old readers, the kids can learn about the building blocks of landscape architecture, view professional sketches, and draw and color drawings themselves.

For teens and adults, readers will be able to see landscape architecture across the United States. The book allows readers to have the same benefits as the children's book, but they will also have the opportunity to problem solve for their own projects.

ASLA encourages that the activity books be shared with family, friends, professionals, community members and more. You can also share your creative work by posting your drawings with #ASLAactivitybooks on Twitter.

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