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Asphalt Prices Also Rise

The FDOT reports the Jan. 1, 2007 price of asphalt cement was $1.33 per gal., compared to $.98 per gal. last year at the same time (a 35.7 percent increase).

Communities across the country are seeing the price of street repair a more expensive proposition. The Times of Munster, Ind. reports that on the recommendation of Public Works Director Rick Konopasek, the Griffith, Ind. Town Council unanimously rejected asphalt and concrete bids for the year, citing skyrocketing bids.

Norwalk, Conn. has been struggling to fund asphalt repair of its community streets, but notes the price of asphalt rose three times last year for a total of 31 percent.

Asphalt prices are expected to rise again as gas prices escalate. The rising cost of petroleum (regular just hit $3.00 in Calif. this second week of March) will force communities across the country to shoulder increased repair costs of roadways, or, alternatively, forego said repairs.

The FDOT reports that as of Jan. 1, 2007, the price of asphalt cement was $1.33 per gal. (Note: Technically, asphalt refers only to asphalt cement or binder, the basic cementitious material that gets mixed with aggregate to from pavement.)

A quick review of some asphalt indexes show the Jan. price in Calif. was $287 per standard ton. A standard ton of asphalt in Connecticut as of 3/12/07 was $375, and $306.67 in New Jersey. According to the Asphalt Pavement Association of West Virginia, the March 2007 base prices for asphalt in Catlettsburgh, Ky. Was $285; $315 in Baltimore, Md.; $325 for Floreffe, Pa.; and $350 for Marietta, Ohio.

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