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The National Association of Landscape Professionals is launching a new program called Landscape Professionals Advance America. This program, open to members only, is a revamp of the National Day of Service program, which previously was one day a year. Landscape Professionals Advance America invites members to highlight the community service they do at any time of the year. Past projects must have taken place within the last six months, and upcoming projects must be taking place within the next six months. Members can submit their projects at Under the Membership tab, select Community Service Program - LPAA.

The association's leadership structure has changed this year to include advisory councils. Their main focus has been to revamp their government relations and approach through the Public Affairs Advisory Council. The new strategic plan includes approaches to regulations at state, local, and federal levels.


Since 2009, the International Society of Arboriculture has honored "True Professionals of Arboriculture" to increase public understanding of arboriculture and the professional skills of today's arborists, and to recognize outstanding tree care professionals. During the 2016 ISA Annual Conference in August, eight "True Professionals" were honored (left to right): Carlos Roberto Anaya, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Kevin Eckert, Kailua, Hawaii; Paul Johnson, Austin, Texas; Robert Reid, Monterey, California; Dave Scharfenberger, Merton, Wisconsin; Gregg Staniforth, Penticton, British Columbia; and Dave Story, Northbrook, Illinois. Not pictured: Mark Duntemann, South Royalton, Vermont.

Recipients are selected by the ISA Awards Committee, which consists of industry experts including university professors, commercial and utility arborists, company owners, and trainers. The ISA Board of Directors approves all recipients.



Amidst growing concerns about the mosquito-transmitted Zika virus, the National Pest Management Association is leading efforts to educate professionals and the public on the importance of proper mosquito control. An online webinar series plus training course provides an overview, methods of informing customers on protection measures, information on the biology and behavior of mosquitoes that transmit Zika, and best strategies to manage mosquitoes. Elimination of standing water on properties - which can serve as mosquito breeding grounds - is the first step to prevention.

As seen in LC/DBM magazine, September 2016.

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