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Association Seeking Irrigation Contractor Licensure

Irrigation contractor licensure in Florida is one of the top issues being tackled by the Florida Irrigation Society. Photo Credits:

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The Florida Irrigation Society is continuing its efforts to get a state irrigation contractor license on the books.

In a recent note to its membership, the FIS noted: the Society's Government Affairs Committee continues to make good progress with its legislative consultant in the quest for statewide irrigation contractor licensing.

Subsequent to meetings with members of the Florida Senate and the Florida House of Representatives, and based on feedback from the Florida Senate staff preparing an ''interim study'' on the pros and cons of irrigation contractor licensing, the Society's Board of Directors is pursuing voluntary licensing. Other trades have done this in recent years in a way that allows contractors the choice of maintaining their local license(s) or securing a state license applicable in counties with licensing.

The FIS has received the completed ''interim study'' from the Committee on Regulated Industries regarding statewide licensing regulation of irrigation contractors. To read and review the interim study please follow this link : Interim Report October 2011: Review Regulation of Irrigation Contractors.

The Government Affairs Committee expects to have more details ready to present at the Society's Winter Meeting in Orlando on December 2nd.

Members interested in helping the Government Affairs Committee on this and other regulatory areas are encouraged to contact President Kevin Cavaioli at or Vice President Matt Eaton at

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