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Atlantic City Lighthouse Shelter

Poligon announces completion

Holland, MI

Poligon, a division of WH Porter, Inc., recently announced the completion of the Lighthouse shelter project in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The uniquely designed tubular steel shelter was recently erected in the Oscar E. McClinton Waterfront Park as part of an urban renewal project supported by the state of New Jersey. The structure is part of a new boardwalk and playground area on the inlet north of Atlantic City and is located close to new multiple family housing, hotels and condominiums.
The nautical shelter gets its design and color scheme from a historic coastal lighthouse nearby. The landscape architectural firm of Melillo & Bauer Associates of Point Pleasant Beach, N.J., designed the original concept, then worked with Ramondo & Son of Broomall, P.A., and Poligon's designers to make the concept a reality.

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June 16, 2019, 10:39 pm PDT

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