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Bartel Named Top Water Feature Contractor for 2010

The National Association of Pond Professionals officially announced that ''Best Selling Author'' and Water Feature Institute instructor, Rick Bartel, has been named as the industry's top 2010 Water Feature Contractor of the Year!

Bartel will be participating in the 2010 Landscape Expo as both an exhibitor and seminar speaker. Rick's seminar, ''Profitable Water Feature Design Techniques,'' is scheduled from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 6th. This seminar qualifies for one APLD CEU.

The National Association of Pond Professionals recently named Rick Bartel, an exhibitor and seminar presenter at the 2010 Landscape Expo, Water Feature Contractor of the Year for 2010.

Come to the show and meet Rick and get a signed copy of his best selling book, The R.I.S.E Method: A Unique Look at Natural Pond Building Techniques. He will be autographing copies of his book both at his seminar and at the Savio exhibit, booth #948.

Bartel, Program Administrator at the Savio Water Feature Institute, holds a Master of Science degree in Wildlife Biology, with an emphasis in habitat management. As a 25-year veteran water feature designer, he is credited with reaching the eleven million gallon milestone with his water feature creations worldwide. Bartel is one of only a few Certified Master Water Feature Specialists in the entire country and has been internationally published more than 500 times for articles on the subject of quality water feature design and installation.

Bartel and his work have been featured on the DIY Network's Waterscapes Workshop as well as HGTV's Extreme Landscapes, and most notably recognized throughout the industry for his development of the phenomenal R.I.S.E. Method; a naturalistic approach to rock and boulder placement techniques. He has received more than 1800 national and international awards and recognitions for his amazing work. Bartel is also a design consultant for the National Wildlife Federation's Habitat Program with more than 350 certified and sustainable wildlife refuges centered on his water creations.

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