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"Protecting Bees & Pollinators: What Horticulture Needs to Know," is a new educational video released by the Horticultural Research Institute, in collaboration with AmericanHort, Society of American Florists, and the American Floral Endowment.

A recently released educational video that provides information on the horticultural industry's essential role in bee and pollinator stewardship is designed to serve as a valuable resource to industry professionals and horticulture enthusiasts by providing an overview of all the factors affecting bee and pollinator health today.

Titled, "Protecting Bees & Pollinators: What Horticulture Needs to Know," the video narrates the current state of bee and pollinator health, provides information on factors that impact pollinators and the environment including the use of pesticides, and underscores the beneficial role horticulture plays in providing healthy and nurturing pollinator ecosystems.

"Very few businesses can be more beneficial to bees and pollinators in this country than horticulture," states John Coulter, president of the Horticultural Research Institute, one of the producers of the video. "Our passion is to grow healthy plants and flowers. Our products offer the very thing pollinators need to thrive: diverse and ample sources of forage."

"We know that horticulture provides essential food sources for pollinator populations. And we also know that some consumers are concerned about pesticide use," adds Michael V. Geary, president & CEO of AmericanHort, the horticultural industry's association and another producer. "To help us answer the tough questions posed by gardeners and consumers, we've gathered top minds in conservation, research, and pest management to educate and inform us on this issue. We are also funding and leveraging research on best practices for our members."

Also collaborating on the video was the Society of American Florists, and the American Floral Endowment. The four organizations produced it as part of the Horticultural Industry's Bee & Pollinator Stewardship Initiative, which was established in 2014 with three primary goals:
o convene a task force to develop a bee and pollinator stewardship program, including creation of best management practices for plant production;
o identify and fund research that will help answer key science questions and fill gaps needed to design and refine the stewardship program;
o collaborate with other groups interested in augmenting pollinator habitat and protection.

To watch the video, click here.

More information on the Horticultural Industry's Bee & Pollinator Stewardship Initiative can be found here.

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