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BIA Announces Brick in Architecture Awards

Boston’s 31-story Atlantic Wharf earned a LEED Platinum plaque for incorporating various sustainable practices, including innovative rainwater storage and reuse systems; energy conserving mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems; green roofs; and recycled brick in building construction.

The Brick Industry Association (BIA) announced recipients of the 2012 National Brick in Architecture Awards on July 6.

The award-winning projects span 28 states and eight categories: commercial, educational, health care, houses of worship, municipal/government, paving and landscape architecture, and multifamily and single family residential projects.

The Best in Class winner for commercial projects was the Atlantic Wharf in Boston, Mass., which used a combination of new and recycled brick for parts of the 1.2 million square foot mixed-use complex. The Wharf, designed by Boston’s own CBT Architects, is the first high-rise in Boston to be certified LEED Platinum, in part for the reuse of old brick, among other sustainable elements.

Best in Class for the single family residential category was the North Carolina State University chancellor’s residence, a 5,400 square foot project designed by NC State University College of Design head Marvin Malecha, FAIA. The residence incorporates a number of environmentally conscious features, including solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling, in addition to the inclusion of clay brick for building materials.

See photos of all 64 award-winning projects at:

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