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Big Infrastructure Improvements Coming for Illinois
Passes $45 Billion Package

Big Infrastructure Improvements Coming for Illinois

The first capital improvement plan in Illinois in almost a decade will help enhance transportation, state facilities, educational facilities and more.

Illinois just signed into law the largest capital improvement program in history at $45 billion for roads, bridges, railways, universities, state facilities and more over the next six years.

Named the Rebuild Illinois plan, it was passed by bipartisan supermajorities and is a package of four bills. It is estimated that together they will create 540,000 jobs.

House Bill 62, appropriations for capital projects will provide $33.2 billion for transportation including more that $14 billion for new roads and bridges, nearly $11 billion for IDOT's Multi-year Plan, $4.7 billion for mass transit, $492 million for the Chicago Region Environmental and Transportation Efficiency Program and $312 million for grade crossing protection.

Money from that bill will also be allocated for education infrastructure, state facilities, environment/conservation projects, renewable energy projects and economic and community development.
To increase revenues, Senate Bill 1939 boosts the motor fuel tax: monies that are targeted to exclusively fund critical transportation projects across the state. Title fees and vehicle registration fees will also be increased. House Bill 142 expands the state's bonding authority $22.6 billion to a total of $60.8 billion. That will allow the state to pay for infrastructure improvements in every region in Illinois.

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December 5, 2019, 6:59 am PDT

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