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BigToys Launches "Naturals" for the Young Set

BigToys says its "Naturals" line helps connect children to nature.

BigToys, Inc., a manufacturer of commercial playground equipment based in Olympia, Wash., has launched its "Naturals" collection of outdoor play activities and structures for children six months to five years old. The company says these products can be "combined with landscaping elements to create a natural outdoor playscape that connects children to nature."

The company for 40 years has been building play equipment for two to 12-year olds.

Tim Madeley, president and owner of BigToys, reports the Naturals line had an enthusiastic response at the recent National Association for the Education of Young Children conference in Dallas.

All BigToys products are available in wood or recycled steel and recycled plastic.

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December 10, 2019, 7:08 pm PDT

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