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Boston University Buys Wind Power
Decision Made to Lower Carbon Emissions

Boston University Buys Wind Power

The new deal between Boston University and ENGIE, called the Power Purchase Agreement, is beneficial for both parties because it aids in the school's commitment to reduce its carbon emissions while simultaneously funds the construction of the South Dakota wind farm.

Beginning in 2020, Boston University (BU) will buy wind power from a South Dakota wind farm, which is being constructed in the spring of 2019 by ENGIE North America, for 15 years.

This move aligns with the university's Climate Action Plan, which aims to reach 100% carbon net neutrality on BU's campus and its global affiliations by 2040.

In addition to this deal, BU will also receive educational and research opportunities, such as two ENGIE summer internships, in order to study and develop new energy efficient means. An annual tour of the wind farm will also be available for BU students, faculty and staff. Furthermore, the new wind farm will hold economic benefits for the local region because it will allow approximate farmers to host wind turbines on their property, according to the BU news post.

In a statement found on, university president, Robert Brown, was quoted as having referred to the deal as "a major step in the University's strategy for mitigating our CO2 emissions and our commitment to bring our net emissions to zero by 2040."

BU plans to buy 205,000-megawatt hours of electricity annually from ENGIE during the contract, which, reportedly, is equivalent to removing 33,000 motor vehicles from the road over the course of the year.

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December 6, 2019, 12:41 pm PDT

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