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A Versatile Line of Retro-fit LED Lamps


Brilliance LED manufactures an LED replacement lamp for nearly every 12v landscape lighting fixture made since 1959. Many have different options of lamp color and beam angle options.

Since 2008, Brilliance LED has been a product leader in the LED and landscape lighting industry. We take pride in manufacturing high-performance products for both commercial and residential applications. Brilliance LED specializes in producing the most versatile line of retro-fit LED lamps in the industry. The outdoor lighting company produces an LED replacement lamp for nearly every 12v landscape lighting fixture manufactured since 1959. Lamp color and beam angle options are a large part of the company's product offering. Projection lamps such as MR8, MR11, MR16 and PAR 36 lamps are available in 2200k, 2700k, 3000k and 5700k kelvin temperatures. Static color options for special projects range from red, blue, green, and amber. Recently the Florida Wildlife Commission certified the Brilliance LED amber colored products as "Wildlife Compliant". This certification will allow the amber varieties to be installed along the coast of Florida without having any adverse effects to sea turtles or other animals. The new 5w Silver Green MR16 product has been developed to visually enhance green plant life. This lamp provides a slight green hue, which brings out the natural color of evergreens and succulents.



Projections lamps are available in 15, 30, 60, and 120-degree beam angles. The operating range on these and many others is 8-25vac/vdc and is the largest in the industry. All Brilliance LED Light sources are fully dimmable.

After listening to the needs of contractors across the country, Brilliance LED has developed the IP68 rated AquaBeam series of underwater lights. Both in the series are manufactured at the factory in Carefree, Arizona. The stationary AquaBeam is made of machined aluminum. It then is put through the TRY-PLEX anodization process which makes this product impervious to saltwater. The adjustable AquaBeam is made of 100% Navel Brass with a 316-stainless steel adjustable yoke. The Brilliance LED AquaBeam products are available in 5w and 10w and can be ordered in 2700k,3000k, and 5700k kelvin temperatures. Standard cord length for this product is 25 feet, with custom lengths of up to 100 feet available. Suggested uses are ponds, docks and fountains.



Controlling the power supply has come a long way from the days of the simple photocell. Although still used, the mechanical timer and photocell combination is quickly being replaced by high tech control methods. Brilliance LED has developed and released several new ways to control a landscape lighting system. In 2016 Brilliance LED released the first 12vac dimmer compatible with dimmable 12v LED lamps. This manual dimmer allows the end user the ability to dim up to 120 watts of LED or Halogen lamps in the field. This device can also function as an on/off switch. Taking dimming to the next level, the new Brilliance LED Low Voltage Zone Control is a Bluetooth app-controlled dimmer.

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